How to deposit/withdraw BTC/ETH digital tokens


Relationship between deposit and withdraw. A transfer BTC to B is called withdraw, transferred into B’s account is called deposit

Wallet address: Like the delivery address. When A withdraw BTC for B, the withdraw address should be B’s deposit address

Notice: The tokens could be transferred within different platform as long as they are in one kind. For example, you could transfer your BTC from other platform into BCEX BTC wallet address. But they must be the token in one type with same logo. Otherwise, the token will be lost.


For example, in BCEX, A make a withdraw and B make a deposit, is A transfer BTC to B

1.Adding Withdraw Address

B found his depositing address from (My assets), copy the wallet address to A.

A found withdraw from (My assets), click (Add a new withdraw address) paste the B’s depositing address



2. Select the Withdraw Address

 Select the withdraw address of B, entry the amount and transaction



3.Token will be received automatically after the confirmation finished

BTC will be received automatically after the confirmation of the BTC network finished(Usually take 30 minutes or longer, One hour for BTC maybe). B could check the detail under (Deposit) where A could chack the detail under (Withdraw)

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