More questions about deposit and withdraw


1.How to know the stage of the transaction?

   For example: withdraw BTC from BCEX

  • Open BTC block network explore
  • Found andcopy the TXID of BTC in your BCEX account.Paste the TXID into the place showed as red box, search

Paste the TXID into the place showed as red box, search

2.What if I withdraw my toknes into a wrong address?

Your withdraw request will be added into the list as soon as you click (Confirm). Please contact with the owner of the address you transferred if you withdraw your tokens into a wrong address. We could only track the address which belong to our platform since the anonymity.

3.What if I withdraw my tokens into a wrong token address (withdraw BTC into ETH)

Technically, your tokens will be lost if you withdraw token A into token B address.

Because it will cost a lot to track your tokens if you deposit them into a wrong address, BCEX usually do not provide the tracking service

But we will consider to provide limited help if the tokens you lost is too big. You need to provide the detail information about your transaction to us, our technic team will consider your situation carefully to see if we could do something, please wait for the email with patient.

If you withdraw to a token address which not supported by BCEX, our technic team need one month to upload the wallet and finish the relative process, which means it could take one months or longer, please be patient.



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