Example of making a deal :Registration – Deposit – Trading - Withdra

How to use RMB to investee the digital assets and withdraw.


1.Regist BCEX and finish the identity verification

2.Buy CK.USD or BTC by RMB from OTC789

3.Transfer your assets into your BCEX account

4.Trading your tokens on BCEX

5.Sell your other tokens into CK.USD or BTC

6.Transfer your CK.USD or BTC into other exchanging platform

7.Sell your CK.USD


The following process:


1)Depositing CK.USD by RMB

2)Buy ETH in CK.USD market

You could trading in CK.USD market with the CK.USD in your account

3)Exchange the LMC into ETH

As the LMC is in the CNET market, the tokens in this market could only be bought by CNET. You need to exchange your ETH into CNET in CK.USD market first, then buy LMC in CNET market.

4)Withdraw LMC into RMB

Sell your LMC into the CNET, then withdraw your CNET into otc789.com, sell your CNET to a random buyer and get RMB, CK.USD is as same as CNET.





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